Cómo Llegar


Latitud: 42.486838 (42º 29′ 126″ N)

Lenght: 1.946515 (1º 56′ 475″ E)

The distances and the approximate time to get to Dorres

from the main nearby towns are the following ones:


Andorra la Vella: 63 km. 55 min.
Barcelona: 164 km. 1 h. 50 min.
Font Romeu: 13,5 km. 15 min.
Girona: 158 km. 2 h. 30 min.
Lleida: 191 km. 2 h. 40 min.
Llívia: 9 km. 10 min.
Pas de la Casa: 38 km. 35 min.
Perpignan: 102 km. 1 h. 40min.
Puigcerdà: 9 km. 10 min.
Toulouse: 174 km. 2 h. 15 min
Tarragona: 239 km. 2 h. 40 min.
València: 500 km. 5 h. 5 min.
Zaragoza: 339 km. 4 h. 5 min.

From Barcelona, take the highway C16 to Manresa (or the road C58 if you want to avoid the toll); then follow the C58 (the former local road 1416) in the direction of Berga until getting to Túnel del Cadí. When you leave the tunnel, follow the road to Puigcerdà. Once in Puigcerdà, you will drive via the former French border and will reach Bourg-Madame. On the first roundabout in Bourg-Madame, turn left to Ur, La Tour de Querol and Andorra. When you reach Ur, you will see the first sign to Dorres. Go across Ur and follow until the town called Angoustrine and Vilanova de les Escaldes. There you will go past another roundabout that shows the definite diversion to Dorres. The road goes up; you will see a hospital-spa for rheumatic and cardiovascular treatments; just keep on going up until you see a cemetery on the right. There is a car park sign 150 metres away (it is the car park to go to Dorres thermal baths). You’ll see a sign on the left a few metres away welcoming you to Balcó de Dorres.

From Girona, take the C66 in the direction of Banyoles/Olot. From Olot, follow the C26 to Sant Joan de les Abadesses and Ripoll. From here on, take the N152 and drive via Ribes de Freser. Going across the pass called Collada de Tosas you will reach Queixans and later Puigcerdà. From here on the road to follow is the same we explained from Barcelona.

From Lleida, take the C13 road going across Térmens. Then follow the C26 and the C14, where you will go past Artesa de Segre, Ponts, Oliana and Organyà. Finally, the N260 road will take you to Seu d’Urgell and Puigcerdà. From here on the road to follow is the same we explained from Barcelona.

From Andorra, take the CG-2 to Encamp, Canillo and Soldeu. Go into France and the Túnel de Puymorens (toll). Follow the road via La Tour de Querol, Enveitg and Ur. Once in Ur, turn to the D618 until you arrive in Angoustrine and Villeneuve de les Escaldes, where you should turn to the D10 until you reach Dorres.

From Perpignan, take the N116 via Ria-Sirach, Olette and Fontpédrouse. Turn to the D618 road going past Font Romeu, Targassone and Angoustrine. Then turn on a roundabout and take the D10 that leads to Dorres.

From Toulouse, take the A614/E80 road to Carcassone, Montpellier and Castres. Go past the Castanet-Tolosan toll and then the A66 road. Leave the highway and take the N20 to Pamiers and go across Tarascon, La Remise, Luzenac i Ax les Thermes until you get to the Túnel de Puymorens (toll). Then drive via La Tour de Querol, Enveitg and Ur. Once in Ur, turn to the D618 to Angoustrine and from there take the D10, which leads to your final destination, El Balcó de Dorres.